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Director - Pastor Dan Bartkow

Born in Chester, Pennsylvania, Dan is the son of Rev. Paul and Anna Bartkow - both immigrants from the Ukraine. Like his father, Dan too has spread the Word of the Lord for most of his life. After his graduation from Chester High School, he entered the service and became an officer in the US Navy and US Maritime upon graduation from the 'Pennsylvania Maritime Academy'. After serving his country, he continued his education and received a Bachelor of Arts degree from The Kings College, New York, and his Bachelor of Divinity degree from the Reformed Episcopal Seminary in Philadelphia, PA. Active in sports, he was inducted into the Delaware County, Pennsylvania "Hall of Fame".

Married to Vivian Morgan of Brookhaven, PA, they gave birth to four sons and a daughter - Brad, Brent, Blaine, Bruce and Brenda - known as the "B Hive". Called into the ministry, he first served for 21 years as pastor of Faith Community Church in Brookhaven, PA. During this time, he taught "Evangelism" at the Philadelphia College of the Bible, and undertook an

Evangelical Mission with the Gospel Furtherance Society, reaching displaced persons who at that time had escaped from behind the Iron Curtain. Davisville Baptist Church in Southhampton, PA was his next pastorate for a period of 10 years, followed by an active ministry to Senior Adults with ACTS Retirement-Life Communities.

With a love for music and a song in his heart, Dan was a member of the "Young Peoples Church of the Air" quartet, directed by Dr. Percy Crawford, and was the Gospel Soloist on the "Christian Business Men" radio broadcast which originated from Philadelphia, PA.

As the Director of Challenge of Faith, he continues to proclaim the "Good News" of the "Gospel" in Word and in Sacred Concerts to lift up the LORD JESUS CHRIST WHO ALONE HAS THE WORDS OF ETERNAL LIFE.

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